Thursday, May 14, 2009

April and Mid-May Update

It's been almost two months since I posted. So much has happened. Let's see if I can sum it up in a few words.

Well...Janai is doing great. I can't believe she's already 10 months old (7 months adjusted). She was at 20 lbs about a month ago and measured 28 inches. In my opinion, she has gotten so big! It's amazing to me how much she has grown. We have yet to do the EEG test of her brain. At her last visit to the Pedi, the doctor sent us to see an Endocrinologist. We are in need to rule out Precocious Puberty due to a few things that have been showing in her body. I don't think it's anything serious, but we gotta get it checked out. The hearing test came back great! I knew that! All they had to ask me was "can she hear well?", and I would've said "more than well... she hears too much!!!" She was sedated with some oral meds, but she only lasted asleep about 20 minutes. You cannot keep this child asleep very long during the day...apparently not even under the influence of drugs! She's so active all the time.

The eating department is a fluctuating topic. One week, she finishes all her bottles willingly, and the next week, she wont take but half of her bottles. Dr Krishna said to keep offering and not to stress too much over it. At this point, he said it should be fine if she eats at least 16oz of milk per day. She eats more than that, even on her "bad girl" days. She's eating solids three times per day, about 2 ounces of solids each time. We're supposed to start chicken already, I just haven't offered it yet. She seems to enjoy solids a lot more than milk, although, I tried offering finely chopped carrots and she gagged and got mad. I hope we're not facing a food texture aversion. We're going to keep trying.

We are going out a lot more now. Although, the swine flu did scare me enough that we almost went back to house arrest. We're taking precautions but we have not confined ourselves completely. Many times, we just bring her along to run errands, but we dont really get out of the car. She loves it though! And now that's she's getting used to seeing people, she seems to really enjoy it. She is one smiley baby when people talk to her. Now...if they try to hold her that's a different story. She does not like for strangers to hold her, which is normal for this age, right? As long as people stay away, she's super smiley and friendly.

Janai is getting very mobile. She's got the rolling over down! She's not quite sitting on her own without support, but we're workign on it. Now that she's rolling and too curious in the world, she trying to crawl. She started to do some kind of army crawl, per se. She plumps her booty in the air while her shoulders are on the floor and then she pushes forward. In the last few days, she gets on her knees and her elbows and rocks. Here and there, she'll go from this position and propel herself with her knees as if she did a little frog jump. works to get here where she wants to go. Yesterday, I saw she was on her knees and hands, but only for a few seconds before she got down to her elbows. She hasn't quite figured out that she can move her knees and hands/elbows simoultaneously. It's cute to see her try, though! I've been working a lot lately, so a lot of these updates come from what my Mom tells me. I truly treasure when I get to see her progress personally! Thankfully, work seems to be a little less crazy these days, so I'm again spending a lot more time with her.

On Adrian's news, he got the permanent job with BAE Systems! We're very excited and thankful. Since he works in Sealy and I work in downtown, we have decided we're going to stick around Katy, so we're in the mid-distance of both our jobs We're thinking we might get a new home that can fit all of us better in this area . Time will tell.

My parents went to visit my brother Erick and his wife Tania in April. We were going to go, but Janai needs a passport. We're working on the passport thing now. Once the whole swine flu thing is over, we hope to visit Erick and Tania soon. I miss my brother so much! I haven't seen him in over a year now...since before I got pregnant! Too long!

About a month and a half ago, we hired a photographer to come to the house and take prof. photos. We loved the entire experience and we absolutely loved all the pictures. It was much better than going to JCPenney, and it cost just about the same. We had a great time. The CD with all the pictures is at home, but as soon as I can turn on the computer at home, I will share a few.

Finally, here are a few pics and videos from my camera:

Bath time!

Going to the mall with Mom!

I'm falling but my Grandma is rescuing me!

Let me pretend I'm playing a guitar:

Napping with Daddy:
Napping in my crib:

Working on rolling over with Daddy:

At the restaurant with Mommi and Daddy modeling my first sandals!
With Mommy:

Looking fly with my sunshades!

This is the only time I was able to keep my sunglasses on. Now, I just want to take them off and eat them!
This is Janai about 3 weeks ago still trying to master her rollover:
This is from yesterday. She's got the rolling over, now working on crawling:

Dancing to the music:

Self-feeding bananas for the first time:


  1. It was so great to meet you on Saturday. I've posted a link to your blog so I can see pictures and videos of sweet Janai. We'll all have to do a playdate soon!

  2. Oh my goodness, she is SO big!!!! It sounds like she's doing wonderfully!!

    I said screw it to house arrest too. A little swine flu won't scare me!!! lol. ;)

    Preemies are notorious for having oral sensitivities. The best thing to do is to introduce foods in as pleasurable and low-stress way as possible. I'm sure she'll be shoveling it soon!