Monday, June 1, 2009

Professional Photos on 3/21/09

So we hired Alvaro, a professional photographer from Ecoss Photography, to come take a few snapshots of Janai and the family. We loved the experience! Forget pics at a studio when you can have a prof photographer come to your home! It was so much easier and a lot more fun than when we went to JCP last November.

Janai was taking a nap when Alvaro arrived to the house to set everything up. Her nap was over about the time that Alvaro got done, so I dressed her and we took pics for about one hour. She was happy the entire time in her own familiar surroundings with all the people she loves, which made the smiles come more abundantly.

Towards the end of the session, we did have a steal a trick from Brinson's Mommy, Lisa, because Janai was getting a bit tired of laughing for us, so I said "asparagus!", and it worked! Janai cracked up every time I said it. Thank you Brinson and Lisa!!!!!

Here's a link to the photos:

Today is 6/1/2009 (2 months after the photo session), and we have yet to decide which will be our print outs, but Adrian and I have finally settled on nine poses. We're making progress! :-)

In other news, Janai officially CRAWLED yesterday! She's not quite a pro at it yet, but she finally did it... just like that...out of the blues! That's the way kids do everything, right? When you least expect it; when you dont have batteries in the iFlip; and when you can't find the camera. Sighs! Well, I eventually found the camera and we were able to brive Janai into doing it again. I will post that video this evening or tomorrow.

Happy June everyone!


  1. Whoo hoo for crawling!! Better get your running shoes on mom and dad!

    The pictures are GORGEOUS! How in the world did you only pick nine when they are all so beautiful!

    The Baldwins

  2. The pics are great but I am lovin the playful ones outside!!! Cngrats on the crawling, that's great news! And Kim is right, get If you only THOUGHT you were tired before...hahaha
    Still working on a playdate for the zoo!