Friday, March 13, 2009

We sneaked out of the house!

We are so tired of house arrest until RSV season is over. We have been really good at not going anywhere, except for the doctor's office. But on this day, we decided to go to Katy Mills. We figured that if it looked crowded, we'd get out. Surprisingly, it was pretty empty... yay for us! Janai had a great time, and we did too! She didnt get scared by the elephant behind her. The rest are random photos

In these pictures, Janai had woken up from a nap and I found her with her paci suctioned on to her cheek! It was so cute because she woke up looking for her paci, but she obviuosly couldnt find it!

You can see the "hickey" from the paci here:


  1. Omg, I died laughing at the Paci pic. That is soooo funny! I just showed Ned and my mom and they are cracking up. Lucky you, getting out of the I do admit, we've made an occasional trip to Home Depot or Target....woohoo! lol I hope you guys are going to the NICU reunion in May!

  2. Hey Lizet, can you shoot me an email? I wanted to talk to you about our daughters issue in common. My email is (This is Lisa, Brinson's mommy...ok I know you knew that lol) Thank you