Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A couple of months ago, beginning of March, actually, Aidee and Tomas invited us to their home for a fun evening along with another couple of friends, Vikki and Luis and their baby girl Valeria. Aidee and Tomas' baby girl, Amanda, was not very happy that Mommy wasn't around to hold her all the time, but she was a great hostess to all of us as well nevertheless. Actually, Amanda, Valeria and Janai were great sports! We had great food and karaoked the rest of the evening! It was sooo much fun!

You might not know this, but Adrian does not sing. The only thing he has ever sang to me is the ABC. Period. He says he cannot sing, but I could not testify to that because I had never been grazed with his singing efforts. Well... you'll have to judge for yourself on the below video. Adrian and Tomas were singing Billie Jean by Michael Jackson and both of them stroke some MJ moves!

My parents got down too! At first, they were all shy, but soon after, you had to fight to get the microphone away from them! You can meet Vikki, Luis and Valeria here:

Janai was part of the choreography for the Billie Jean song. My nosy girl wants to be in everything....just like her Momma!

Fortunately, the camera ran out of battery and we could not record when Aidee and I, and also when my Mom and I, sang songs. But I can assure you that our songs were GRREATTT!!!! Shakira would be ashamed of herself if she heard us sing! LOL!

Unfortunately, Amanda is not featured on these videos b/c she was taking a nap.

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