Monday, March 15, 2010

New guitar!

We took Janai to Toys R Us for the first time. We werent there to buy a toy for her, per se, because she already has enough that the playroom has overspilled to the living room, but we walked out of there with 3 new toys for her.

While we looked around, I picked up this little guitar just to keep her busy. She LOVES musical toys much more than balls, teddy bears, dolls, etc. If it plays music, she' game for it. She loved this little guitar so much, that she would not let the cashier take the box to scan it. So much that Grandpa put her in the carseat and took her out of the carseat while she continued to hold the box and play with the guitar. So much that we could not take the guitar out of the box until we distracted her long enough after we got home. So much that she just had to lick it!

We are sure enjoying the sunny days!

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