Friday, February 12, 2010

We're back!

Hi everyone!
Long time. Busy, busy. Janai is doing great. It's been 7 months since I posted. From the last post until now, a lot has happened, but it would take me another 7 months to catch up, so I decided to pick up from today and go forward or else I'll never post again! lol

Janai is now 19 months old, 16 adjusted. Size wise, she's a big 19 month old. Development-wise, she's somewhere in between. When people ask her age, I just say she's around 1.5 years (saves the explanation!) She's starting to interact with kids and really seems to enjoy it. She started walking late November; she's still kind of clumsy but getting better. She loves running around. We're kind of tired of this weather because she wants to go outside so bad. She is a talker (that's how you know she's my daughter!) and the little queen of the house! She's already thrown a few tantrums, but she's also blowing kisses and waving buh-bye, calling the sounds of some animals, and counts to 10.

Thank God, Janai's been released of most specialists except for one that I hope will release us this month. ECI stopped coming last November as well. We have a new Pediatrician, Dr. Greeley, who is awesome; she is pleased with Janai's progress in all areas. Janai did get hospitalized around October because her first cold ever quickly turned into croup; they thought it was the flu, but never really got a positive flu result.
Without further ado, here are some recent pics of Janai:

These were from our trip to Monterrey in July 2009:

Janai with Uncle Erick and Aunt Tania:

These are recent:
With a gift from Tia Raquel (Gracias!) Dec 2009:

Counting numbers with Dadda last weekend:

Still loves her Sing Along Stage...and anything else with a mirror:

She's still trying to chase me when she sees me with a camera:

I get her to pose while I hide the camera, as soon as she sees the camera, she runs for here:

She managed to delete like 1000 pictures from an SD card when she got a hold of the camera and started pressing buttons and accidentally hit "format card" :-( (sighs!)

On the "phone":

Her new thing, dragging purses:

These are a little older, from July - Nov:

First baseball game. She fell asleep just as we parked and continued asleep for about 30 minutes into the game:

After she woke up:

With Mami at the Convention:

First time in pool:

Playing with Daddy's X-Box:

She LOVES talking on the phone:

With "Tita":

I will post videos next time. After all, lately we take more videos than pictures. Adrian and I took a trip in December, so I'll post some pics from that too!
God bless all of you!

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