Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I found a NICU Photo

I found a photo in Janai's book with two of our favorite former nurses in the NICU, and I thought I should dedicate a post to thanking all the staff. Perhaps this Thank You post is a bit late, but just because I havent created a post, it doesnt mean I dont think about them often, you know ;-). We appreciated their help, knowledge and caring during those difficult times. We always will.

Our daytime primary nurses in NICU level 2 were: Jean, Kim and Lorri. The three of them were so sweet and it made me feel comfortable that these ladies were taking care of my baby. Jean had a preemie baby boy as well (many years ago), Kim was the mother of two baby boys, and Lorri looked so young, yet she already had a grandson. I felt I could relate to them in some way, and I respected how very carefully and lovingly they took care of my baby girl. They showed us how to take care of Janai's diapers, clothing, etc, etc.

Our evening primary nurses in NICU level 2 were: Alveena and Vivian. Vivian was very sweet and explained to us anything we asked. Alveena was equally helpful and sweet. She advocated for us holding Janai as much as possible. She took care of Janai during some of her worst days. Alveena was of so much support to us, and I looked forward every morning to speaking with her to see how my little girl had done for the night.

Although Glenda never became our primary nurse, we saw her almost every night as she worked in the same area as Alveena. Glenda took care of Janai a few times, and it was Glenda who was with me when I gave Janai her first bath. Anessa was with us when Hurricane Ike stroke. She showed me burping and feeding techniques. She made feedings seems so easy when they felt overwhelming to me.

I still keep in touch with Jean, and I so wish I could get in touch with the rest of our former nurses. They're a very important part of Janai's beginning.

We had several nurses during our NICU level 3 stay, but never a primary. They were all great, however. I dearly remember the good spirits of Charlotte & Terry. Terry definitely got good training with Janai. Charlotte always had a way to make us smile, which was so needed and welcomed. I remember Nisa, very sweet. I remember Mary, and Indian lady who was so sweet to us when Janai was first born. Mae, I loved her. She had a smile and a air of security that gave me strength. She's the one who was with me when I changed Janai's first diaper. During one of Janai's roughest nights, where my Mom and I stayed by her bedside the whole night, there was a very sweet nurse who would help us wake Janai up so that she would continue breathing. I only saw her that night and her name escapes me, but I thank her for my daughter's life. There was a Asian lady nurse who took care of Janai the last few days that were in level 3, and we were going to ask for her to become our primary when all of sudden, they sent us upstairs to level 2. Her name escapes me, but I appreciated her loving care to my little girl so much. Our scariest moments were in level 3 NICU, and while the names escape me at the moment, I remember their faces and I thank them so very much, and God, for the help and support they gave to us and Janai.

And my favorite Neonatologist, of course, was Dr. Finkowski. She always had a smile and always seemed upbeat, which was something we needed during those exhausting days. She once followed my hunch about Janai and because of that we were able to catch an infection in its early stages. Dr. Gee was great as well... I liked his relaxed approach at explaining things to us. Dr. Jarriel is who I thank for having me fortify my breast milk...thanks to that, I have a chunky girl at home. Dr. deVille...well... I didnt like her at first, but she grew on me; she was very good and pushed to help Janai come home to us as soon as possible. Dr. de Guzman...well...I'm sure she's a smart lady in her own right. I just don't like that she never listened to me and she blew off my concerns. I almost specifically asked not to have her treat my daughter, but Janai was discharged soon after that, so I didnt bother. Dr. Thompson was very sweet, but we didnt have much interaction with her. Dr. Hernandez is who I thank for treating Janai's liver problems and brining Dr. Krishna in the picture. I love Dr. Krishna, too. He's sooo smart. Dr. Coats saw her in the NICU as well. I never met him while in the NICU, until after we were discharged. I love his friendly and upbeat approach to babies.

They are the people that I remember, at the moment, but I'm sure there's many more. I thank them, and I thank God for them. Here's a picture of Alveena and Jean holding Janai on her last day in the NICU before she came home:

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