Friday, June 26, 2009

Janai was not having a very good day yesterday. I just have to say 4 words: Teething is a nightmare!!! For Janai and for all of us.

I got home from work and she woke up from a nap in a very cranky mood. Mom said she was cranky all day. Adrian went to the pharmacy for some oragel and I also gave her some homeopathic teething tablets. After about 15 minutes, she was a different baby. She was even willing to eat bananas! Eating solids for the last two weeks has not been her favorite thing; she's gotten pickier about the texture of the food, probably due to feeling cranky because of the teething pain. We can "hear" the teeth when she bits on a metallic spoon, but we can't see them yet.

Anyway, after Janai got in a better mood and after having some yummy bananas, I asked "Do you want more?". She didn't look like she wanted more, so I shook my head and said "nooooooo?". In reply, she shook her head back at me! Ok, ok... she probably doesnt know she's saying No, but the point is that she's imitating the movement. I was so happy, and I thought it was so cute, so I called Adrian and my parents over to enjoy the view too! I tried to show her how to say "Si", but she said No! LOL!

This is when I tried to get her to nod "Si":

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  1. She is so cute and her "no's" are so adorable!! Teething is the worst isn't it? Zachary's teething again too and his shirts get so wet with all the drooling! Thank goodness for orajel!!