Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pulling up to stand already!

Janai seems to be making some big developments in such short period of time. This past weekend, she started pulling up. And I coincidentally happened to catch it on video.

We had the EEG test done and everything was great! No epilepsy. She hasn't had any more of those "shaking" events either, so it might have been something related to her inmature nervous system. Boooyy!! Was she mad when they were putting the cables for the EEG!!!! She cried the entire time that the technician was setting them up like if she was being tortured. It was so hard. My Mom had to walk out, and I almost wanted to cry and get us out of there. She was supposed to fall asleep for the test, which I thought would be hard, but after all that crying, she did fall asleep. It took her a little while b/c she still cried for another 15 minutes after the technician stepped out to let me get her to fall asleep. I was exhausted after that appointment, and so was she!

We had a stomach ultrasound on Friday to check on the kidney and liver stones. The kidneys are clear, woohoo! The liver stone might take years to complete vanish. There's a cyst that they had seen in the first ultrasound that is significantly reduced in size. When the doctor came in to re-take some images, we talked about Janai's future Endo appointment, so she took a quick view at Janai's ovaries. She found the left ovary, but couldnt find the right one...at least not in the correct place. She thinks that ovary might be further out than it should be because it might have been the one that contained the cyst. It's all preliminary, but I'm praying to God that it's nothing bad.

Last, we also had another appointment on Friday with Dr Coats. He is so nice, and Janai seemed to love the test. I thought it would be a test like those they did at the NICU for ROP, and I was dreading it, but there were actually no tears involved. She checked out with perfect vision. No more visits to the Eye doctor unless something comes up!!! Woohooo!

The rash on her skin hasn't cleared up. I took her to the Pedi again and she said that it might be a rash due to crawling and the fact that she's rubbing off the natural oils on her skin on the floor. She said to put lotion 6-8 times per day, plus Aquafor ointment at night. We've done it for one week, and it's not better. I'm taking her directly to Texas Childrens to have an actual Derm check it out. Sigh! I just want to go one month with no doctor appointments!!! :-)

And here are more pictures:

This is Janai being a big girl during her ultrasound! You can see Daddy's arm next to her, who went with us to Friday's appointment. It was nice for him to see what goes on during a Doctor's day.

Practicing for when she gets her first car!

Looking at the fish and making friends with a baby girl at TCH!

Posing with Dr Coats:

Helping Grandpa to mop the floor. Learning from the pro!

Ready for the meeting:

We were trying to get her to sit up, but she wanted to grab the camera:

We gave her a toy to get her to sit still, but she looked at it like "yeah right!"

and she went for the camera again!

Janai just loves her new toy. She sees herself in the mirror and it's laughter non-stop (thanks for the name of the toy Brinson and Lisa!)

You all have a great week!

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  1. OMG she is getting so big!!! It's amazing how fast they grow isn't it? I love the little videos & the pictures. She is adorable.