Thursday, June 4, 2009

First sick visit to Doctor

Two weekends ago, on Memorial Day weekend, we took Janai to the Pedi on a Saturday appointment because of a rash on her body. It was her first visit to the Pedi for something other than a well visit, and we were there for 3 hours!!!!!

I thought her rash was an allergy to the carpet since she's on the floor a lot more now, but the Pedi thought it was a virus that she caught, and the virus' secretion of toxins gave her a rash. She said that the rash will clear up on its own. I've heard it can take a while for the little bumps to go away. If they dont clear in another week, I guess we're going back to see the doc. :-( I tell ya, we all got sick on Memorial Day weekend. Adrian, my Dad and I got a bad cold, and my Mom had bad stomach pain due to her gastritis. I'm glad we're all recovering. My Mom is still struggling with stomach problems, but I hope they resolve soon.

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