Friday, January 9, 2009

She's over 14lbs now!!!!


Well… Janai had her 3rd synagis injection (aka RSV shot) on Dec 24th. She did great! Of course she cried, but she recovered quite quickly. I’m so proud of her! The less she cries, the less it breaks my heart when she gets the shot. I know she needs it, but seeing her get injections doesn’t seem to get easier.

My biggest surprise was her weight. For her RSV shot in November, she was 11lbs 7oz. So, I thought she was going to be somewhere around 13lbs now. To my surprise, she weighed a whooping 14lbs 10oz.  That means she gained 3lbs in just one month!!  I was happy and a worried.  Being a first time Mom, everything worries me (hja!).  I had no idea if that much weight gain was ok, so I called the Pedi.  She said that it was Ok for a Preemie to have big gains in order to catch up with other babies her age.  So...wooohooo!  

Currently Janai's 6mos old (actual age) and 3mos (adjusted age).  Development-wise, she's right in line with a 3 month old.  Size-wise, she seems big for a 3 month old, but too small for 6 months. Maybe she looks about 4months old.

We’ll see how the weight gain trend will go because since the beginning of the year, we basically have to fight Janai to get her to eat. Many times, we have to get her to fall asleep so we can actually feed her; otherwise the milk will end up in her hair, forehead, cheeks and burp cloth except her belly. She doesn’t seem to be in pain, so I don’t think she’s refluxing. She just wants to play, and when she's done playing, she wants to fall asleep and wants nothing to do with the bottle. We are spacing out the bottles a bit b/c we figured she’s not as hungry, so she is already taking one less bottle than she took before. I thought that once the feedings were farther apart, Janai would increase her intake per bottle, but that’s not the case. So, she’s gone down from taking 35oz/day to about 28-30oz a day. Therefore, I don’t expect she’ll gain a lot of weight this month. I too called the Pediatrician over this issue and she says that 30oz/day (even as little as 25oz/day) is still fine. So… I just gotta “hurry up and wait” and see how she gains this month. I’m reminded every day that I’m really not in control, and that I have to follow her cues. She knows when and how much to eat, but it’s hard to let go! :-)

On better news, my Janai is getting so good at batting the toys in her play mat, and she loves to suck her hand... when she can keep in there long enough! :-) She is so chatty, too, and she's loud!  She is happy if you sit in your lap and just talk and laugh it up with her.  She's working on liking tummy time... we're getting there on her liking it.

Ok… that is it for now. Have a great weekend!


P.S. You might notice that I added the first email updates and pictures at the bottom of the blog in an attempt to create a chronological blog. You know me, I have to have my blog sorted by date! ha!

Have a great weekend!

(Hey! Check out my pink tongue after taking my meds like a champ! and I dance too!)

Whoa! That's my hand!

This is what I look like when I dont want to drink my bottle!

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  1. I LOVE the pic of her with her tongue out! Adorable!